E-263 Calcium Acetate

E-263 Calcium Acetate

E-263 Calcium Acetate

Описание товара:

Calcium Acetate E-263 is a food supplement of the preservative group. It can be used as a preservative, acidity regulator, sealant (plant tissue).

Amorphous or crystalline substance with a faint smell of acetic acid.

Calcium acetate is obtained by reacting calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide with acetic acid.

Metabolism and toxicity

Fully absorbed with a release of 3.75 kcal / g; free acid has a non-specific irritant effect.

Hygiene Standards

Permissible daily intake is not limited. It is allowed in canned fruits and vegetables, bread, other food products individually or in combination with other acetates.


Calcium acetate can soften the too acidic taste of acetic acid in various products, used in salt-melters, as a sealant to plant tissues. However, of the salts of acetic acid, practically only sodium diacetate is used in the food industry. Sodium diacetate and calcium acetate are used to protect bread from the so-called "potato disease" - spoilage caused by bacteria of the species Bacillus mesentericus.

Other applications: as a preservative for feed, mordants in the textile industry.

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