Е402 - Sodium alginate

Е402 - Sodium alginate

Е402 - Sodium alginate

Product description:

E401 - Sodium alginate -  as a food additive is used in the manufacture of jelly, candy, jellies, jams, juice clarification, clouding of soft drinks, the production of mayonnaise and sauces, meat and fish jellies and food concentrates. It is generally recommended to use 0.2-0.5% of sodium alginate.

Use of E401 additive:
- As a thickener and / or gelling agent in desserts, processed cheeses, home cheese, cheese products, sauces, canned vegetables and mushrooms in canned meat, ice cream;
- Humectant in the bread and confectionery products.
Commonly used amount, g / kg

  • Desserts, creams, fillers 5-10
  • sauces, mayonnaise, ice cream 2-7
  • Canned vegetables and mushrooms 8
  • Processed cheeses 5-10
  • Cottage cheese products 5-7
  • Confectionery, snacks 5-30

Also added to the bread and bakery products - 1.5%; medications for weight loss - up to 10%.
- Gluing fault instead of gelatin, juice purification in the production of raw sugar (up to 20 mg / l).

Alginate was of great use in the food industry due to its properties to give structure and viscosity of liquid solution and stabilizes the emulsion.
Sodium alginate is used in various industries: food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. With sodium alginate stabilize oil-water emulsions, such as mayonnaise or ketchup. Some alginate gels - elastic or soft also find wider application. Sodium alginate is used as emulsion stabilizers in creams and lotions, as a medium for the preparation of creams, ointments, lipsticks, etc.

Characteristics E401:
soluble in water;
holds water;
It has a stabilizing and emulsifying properties;
gelling agent;
harmless and is a safe nutritional supplement.

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