Ribotide, I+G

Ribotide, I+G

Ribotide, I+G

Product description:

Ribotide is free flowing and readily soluble in water. Because of the small amounts used, it may be advantageous to add Ribotide in a premix wit salt, MST, or other dry ingredients, or in a water solution. Because it is co-crystallized, Ribotide will not separate during handling, impart uneven flavors in complex formulations, or manifest overtones of its own. It is always uniform in strength.

You can use Ribotide, which is a true flavor potentiator, to:

  • replace beef extract
  • suppress metallic and other "off' flavors"
  • overcome bitterness
  • enhance sweet, salty, and meaty flavors
  • give improved mouthfeel or smoothness

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