Е262і - Sodium acetate

Е262і - Sodium acetate

Е262і - Sodium acetate

Product description:

Of all the acetic acid salts, the most popular in the meat industry uses sodium diatsetet. Usually it is used in combination with sodium lactate and / or potassium. This mixture is particularly effective against L.monocytogenes growth suppression. Standard formulation comprises a mixture of lactate and 60% 4, 6 or 8% diacetate, and its dosage is 25-30 g / kg.

 With regard to sodium acetate, its use in the mixture diacetate as an alternative due to the influence of elevated dosages (6 and 8%) of the latter on taste and flavor characteristics of the final product. However, it should take into account the fact that the effectiveness of a mixture of sodium acetate, lactic acid salts significantly inferior in functionality such combination with sodium diacetate.

 9. The regulatory acts of Ukraine: up to 09.08.2015, the sodium acetate is included in the list of additives authorized for use in the food industry in Ukraine. However, the Cabinet of Ministers № 692 from 09.08.2015 of the action list, as well as a number of other regulations were suspended

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