Transglutaminase 500U

Transglutaminase 500U

Transglutaminase 500U

Product description:

Transglutaminase (TG) present in humans and higher animals, plants and microorganisms. The substance catalyzes the reaction of cross-linking intra- and intermolecular protein thus improves the properties of TG of dietary protein, providing, for example, their emulsification, gelation, viscosity increase and stability at high temperature treatment 

Characteristics of transglutaminase in meat products:
1. to bind proteins in meat products: Easy to use. The natural formation of the "linking" of proteins in the composition of meat raw materials under the influence of transglutaminase enzyme. No changes sensory characteristics of the meat product. The high stability of the product in subsequent processing steps, such as slicing, marinating, cooking and packaging.
2. Ham and sausages: the improvement of the texture of sausages in the emulsification - even with conservation. Sausages become denser. Reducing losses and threading sausages finished ham products. Reduced duration of the period needed to achieve the fermented sausages condition suitable for cutting. Alignment qualitative differences raw material, finished products characterized by an improved ability to cutting.
3. for meat products: can be used as a filler substitute for sausages.

Transglutaminase in dairy products:
Cost reduction due to replacement / decrease the quantity of powder added protein and / or stabilizers.
Increasing the viscosity / gel yoghurts structure as thermostat method of production and yoghurt with impaired clot.
Reducing syneresis process, the ability to obtain a smooth surface.
Improving creaminess even with low fat content.

Transglutaminase in flour products:
Improving the flavor and increase the output of products.
Improving the ductility and elasticity.
Preventing excessive thickening soups of noodles.
Promoting transparency skins baked products.
Increasing the shelf life.

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