E 575 - Glucono delta-lactone, GDL

E 575 - Glucono delta-lactone, GDL

E 575 - Glucono delta-lactone, GDL

Product description:

Glucono-delta-lactone - lactone, gluconic acid, E 575 - soluble product, which is used in the meat, dairy, fish, and other areas of the food industry.

Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) - white, practically odorless crystalline powder with a slightly sweet-sour taste, soluble in water.
Glucono-delta-lactone is used
- as a thickener in the preparation of tofu, making it more white and tender;
- widely used in the meat industry, is added to sausages, rolls to impart the desired color, reduce the heat treatment time, accelerates ripening and color formation of sausages and natural semi-finished products involved in the formation of taste;
- in the meat industry as a color amplifier, which reduces the use of toxic substances, nitrites;
- juices, jams, marmalades and fillings E575-acidity regulator, is used as an acidulant;
- it has the ability to keep longer the freshness of fish and seafood. Actively used in the manufacture of pizza dough, biscuits, hard biscuits, salted fish to fast, it is worth considering that if the products are stored for a long time, it takes on a different flavor because of this additive;
- it is also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical production;


RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE GDL in the meat industry

The meat products with the addition of GDL it hydrolyses to gluconic acid by the action of moisture, the pH is gradually reduced meat system. Process (duration) lowering the pH meat system is 40-60 minutes depending on the composition of the meat system, concentration and temperature of the medium GDL. GDL may be used as a ripening accelerator in the production of meat natural semi-finished products. Thus GDT in an amount of 0.1-0.3% by weight of the final product is introduced in brine for extrusion or massaging. Production of meat products (smoked, cooked smoked, cooked sausages and frankfurters) is one of the most complicated processes. A slight deviation from the feedstock or production conditions can affect the final characteristics of the finished product. maturation processes, smoked and color formation are more dependent on pH.

Under the influence of the low pH of the medium, these processes proceed much faster.

GDL as the fermenting agent is used to accelerate the relatively slow natural bacterial oxidation process. The cooked products (sausages, sausages, sausages) GDL is used at a level of 0.1-0.2% to the meat basis for accelerating color fixing process and reduce losses during smoking. To a maximum of 0.3% - or smoked

product can buy sour taste. Exceptions may be certain types of boiled and cooked smoked salami and smoked sausages, where the need for a more acidic taste.

In this case it is possible to increase the dosage (0.5-0.8)% GDL. When using GDL together with other reducing agents such as sodium erythorbate (E-316), sodium ascorbate there is a possibility of rapid development of color during cooking and / or smoking.

Duration of smoking can be reduced to 50% and the final product is have a better presentation (less wrinkles) less weight loss (greater yield) and longer stored.


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