E475 - Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids

E475 - Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids

E475 - Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids

Product description:

Plyglycerol esters of fatty acids E475

Food emulsifier-stabilizer.

Scoope of use:

In the manufacture of spreads and margarine, including whipping; cheese and condensed products.
Because the chemical parameters and properties of the food stabilizer E475 Polyglycerol Esters of fatty acids enable use an additive in the manufacture of food products, this compound has been assigned the status of not dangerous to human health. Properties food stabilizer E475 Polyglycerol Esters of fatty acids virtually indistinguishable from similar in chemical structure and parameters of the mixed esters which are prepared by the laboratory.
Food stabilizer E475 Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids and a stabilizing agent to improve the consistency and viscosity of food preservation. In fact, the substance is a mixture Polyglycerol fatty acid esters, therefore, can also act as an emulsifier.
E475 additive obtained during interaction of glycerol and fatty acids, resulting in a pale amber viscous oily liquid. It is quite tolerance of impurities or free glycerol and polyglycerol mono- and triglycerol. In the case of increasing the share of glycerin additive becomes brittleness and becomes hard, which allows crush it to a powder.
In most food stabilizer E475 Polyglycerol Esters of fatty acids used in the food industry for the production of products such as emulsified fats, and other components that are used for baking muffin, mayonnaise, margarine, liquid mixtures for ice cream and fat emulsions. In addition, the E475 is frequently found in the composition of ready meals and condiments, spicy sauces, canteens fats and fats for frying oils. Stabilizer is added to flavors and bases for drinks, chewing gum and candy.

Introduced into the molten fat or vysokozhirnye cream preheated to a temperature of 60-65 ° C. The mixture was emulsified for 10-15 minutes and then the process | carried out in accordance with process instructions for this type of product.

• increases the plasticity
• binds fat with water, preventing the release of free moisture.
Features / benefits / description:
• creates a brilliant, glossy consistency
• prevents the appearance of wrinkle kroshlivoy, gritty, layered, stitching or loose consistency
• reduces oxidation processes during storage, prevents the occurrence shtaffa.
Physical state:
• powder, granules;

Composition: A mixture of polyglycerol esters of edible fatty acids
Dosage: In accordance with the technological requirements of from 2 to 5 kg per 1 ton of the finished product
Storage time: 24 months at a temperature of from 0 to 35 ° C
Packing: The solid emulsifier is packed in paper bags with polyethylene or polypropylene liner weighing 25 kg.


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