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L-Arginine - one of the most used supplements in bodybuilding, which is available in the public domain, and as a part of the amino acid complexes. Arginine stimulates the muscles after a good workout, triggers regenerative processes, participates in dividing muscle cells, removes toxins from the body, improves the passage of oxygen to the muscle tissue, as well as the transport of creatine in muscle.

For bodybuilders enough from three to nine grams of arginine per day.

Do not exceed the recommended dose for more than 10 milligrams. Beginners should start with the lowest dose, and then gradually increase it. The most optimal time for the reception - up (half an hour), during and after exercise. Approximately the time required for to start raising the nitric oxide. Under his influence expand the capillaries, causing tissue begins to actively consume oxygen. In this rapidly growing consumption of anabolic hormones, glucose, amino acids. A strengthening of blood flow leads to Pumping. You can also take arginine at bedtime. At night, it increases the secretion of growth hormone. According to some amino acids and useful reception in the morning to maintain the level of growth hormone at a high level throughout the day. Arginine powder is diluted with water or other beverage to improve the flavor. Swallow capsules, drinking plenty of water. Just made pills.

The most effective form of L-arginine - powder, as quickly absorbed by the body. No less effective - liquid. Features reception Arginine is recommended to take before meals per hour. Or later, at the same time after a meal. Otherwise, arginine is absorbed slowly. It should be remembered, and the compatibility of arginine with fatty foods. Drink amino acid can just five hours after such snacks.

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