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Creatine — the battery natural in essence synthesized by organism from usual food. Creatine is recognized completely safe, it is allowed for application by the sports organizations, and is not steroid at all.
The main function of creatine — in the period of stress or physical activities to provide organism with the energy stored by means of creatine molecules in muscular tissue. In the conditions of loadings energy of creatine, and then glucose is at first used.

Daily need for creatine

In organism of the athlete weighing 70 kg about 110-130 gr. creatine from which most part is in muscles. As creatine is stored in muscles, its replenishment requires meat of animals. In plants and, respectively, grain there is no creatine.
Contains in one kilogram of raw meat 3-6 gr. creatine. Considering norm of consumption in 2 gr. creatine in days and percent of losses when cooking and its digestion, it is necessary to speak about consumption of 1-1,5 kg of meat a day. Or about sports additives.
Effect of creatine reception
As creatine is the most important element of metabolism, and not everyone receives its necessary quantity with food, reception of creatine in the form of additives yields essential result in the first weeks of reception, and then the effect is stabilized.
First, creatine allows to use bigger weight due to more effective work that, as a result, leads to growth of muscles. Secondly, due to attraction of nutritive matters and water muscular tissue increases in the amount of that gives visual volume.

How to use creatine?

Considering that creatine is necessary constantly, information that it needs to be accepted courses with loading and the subsequent rest, and also that it is acquired only with sugar or sweet juice — by and large just the myth.
Modern sports literature recommends those who is engaged in power and aerobic loadings continuous reception of creatine in dosage of 2-5 grams a day. At the same time, by and large, time and form of reception are not so important as constancy.

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